Never Ever Give Up

Never Ever Give Up

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Never Ever Give Up is a rag to riches story that imparts readers with the inspiring life lessons, philosophies, and strategies that developed Stan Fredrick’s leadership skills and success in the direct sales industry.

Born and raised in rural Texas shortly before World War II, Fredrick’s transformative story spans the eight decades of his multi-faceted personal and professional life by highlighting key stories and achievements and providing insight on how to create a life well lived and grow a successful organization.

Never Ever Give Up is an autobiographical memoir that will inspire readers as they learn from the adventure-filled life of Stan Fredrick, a renaissance man who grew to an icon in the direct sales industry with his brother John and who built a legacy with his wife Judy by raising, mentoring, and loving five successful children and impacting millions of distributors and consultants around the globe.

Through the pages, Fredrick expresses his appreciation for the amazing people who impacted and molded his life while devoting his business values and revealing how perseverance creates luck, how a short-term goal fuels long-term ones, and how maintaining a servant’s heart contributes to success.

Never Ever Give Up demonstrates the power of believing in and acting on one’s dreams:   how anyone with a persistent, entrepreneurial spirit can take success into their own hands and achieve a life larger than once imagined.